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Bridge Staff Information

Staff member contact and background information is organized alphabetically by first name.

Alisa Hush

Office Assistant


Alisa is well equipped with organizational skills, a heart for serving others, and a passion for urban mission. She has many years of experience volunteering her time and skills for Christian organizations. On staff since 2015.

alisah@bridgemin.org (425) 885-1006 x100

Brenne Schario

Executive Director


Brenne is a proven leader of disability non-profits, with over a decade of experience. Her career is marked by a lifelong passion for education and community building. On staff since 2014.

brennes@bridgemin.org (425) 885-1006 x111

Gaby Paternina



Gaby, originally from Mexico, has many years of experience as an auditor, bookkeeper, and receptionist. Her inspiration in life is 1 Corinthians 10:31 - "...whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God." On staff since 2015.

gabyp@bridgemin.org (425) 885-1006 x101

Gerry Barney

MMEC Supervisor

B.S., C.P.A.

With a background that includes ministry, finance, consulting and handyman skills for 40­+ years, Gerry manages the work of our Meyer Medical Equipment Center. He worked as a CPA for ten years, and a CFO for a transportation company for 14 years. On staff with Bridge since 2011.

gerryb@bridgemin.org (425) 885-1008

Gordon Ellison­-Oslin

Guardianship Specialist

C.P.G., B.A.

Gordon has 15 years experience as drug and alcoholism counselor and one year as residential caregiver for the disabled. “My favorite part of working for Bridge is being with the people we serve. I appreciate their unique personalities and truly enjoy our time together.” On staff with Bridge since 2007.

gellisonoslin@bridgemin.org (425) 885-1006 x117

Laura Goggins

Guardianship Coordinator II


Laura has over 20 years experience in the fields of social and student services in both the public and private sector. She is looking forward to working with Bridge clients and learning more about the practice of guardianship. Her guiding principle is from John 2:5 - "Do whatever He tells you." On staff since 2017.

laurag@bridgemin.org (425) 885-1006 x116

Linda Martin

Support Services Supervisor


Linda has over 20 years of administrative and management experience in government, the private sector and non­profits, half that time serving economically disadvantaged people and those with disabilities. On staff with Bridge since 2009.

lindam@bridgemin.org (425) 885-1006 x118

Mason Florence

Spiritual Connections Coordinator


Mason strives to create, nurture, and equip communities of all abilities to love one another well. He is passionate about the Gospel, and about the impact that healthy community can make on a city and its people. On staff since 2016.

masonf@bridgemin.org (425) 885-1006 x107

Michelle Ewert

Guardianship Specialist

B.S., C.P.G.

Michelle has over 13 years experience in the guardianship community advocating for vulnerable adults. She obtained her certification in 2004 and has operated a private practice since 2008. Her personal motto is to "be ever mindful of the needs of others." On staff since 2015.

michellee@bridgemin.org (425) 885-1006 x113

Nadia Andrilenas

Guardianship Coordinator I


Nadia is pursuing a Masters of Social Work and is passionate about empowering and advocating for marginalized communities. “Spending time with our Guardianship clients has taught me the importance of relationships and being present in the moment.” On staff since 2013.

nadiaa@bridgemin.org (425) 885-1006 x120

Patty Croteau

Guardianship Supervisor

C.P.G., B.A., J.D.

Member of Washington State Bar Association and Association of Professional Guardians. Certified Guardian since 1999, with over eight years private practice as Guardian Ad Litem serving the developmentally disabled and elder incapacitated elders. On staff with Bridge since 2007.

pattyc@bridgemin.org (425) 885-1006 x102

Seydou Gueye

MMEC Coordinator


Seydou has experience in home health care and serving people with disabilities. He holds a Master's degree in English/Project Management and speaks several languages. On staff since July 2015.

seydoug@bridgemin.org (425) 885-1008

Susan Dougherty­-Guild

Guardianship Associate

C.P.G., C.R.C., B.A., M.S.W.

Susan has worked as a Social Worker and Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor for over 30 years in the medical, mental health and rehabilitation fields. “I am thankful for the opportunity to learn from both my clients and colleagues on a daily basis.” On staff since 2012.

susang@bridgemin.org (425) 885-1006