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Our success at Bridge Disability Ministries is due in large part to the support and efforts of our dedicated and generous community members and partners.

Join us and help keep our vision alive and active – the vision of a society that welcomes and values people of all abilities!

  • Donate – Bridge Disability Ministries is 75% privately funded and relies on generous contributions from our community to make our ministries and services possible. Donations of any amount are truly appreciated.
  • Donate Equipment – The more donated durable medical equipment (DME) we get, the more people we are able to help. Your used equipment can be a godsend to a person in need.
  • Volunteer – We maintain a small staff and try to keep costs down so that a good part of donated dollars goes directly towards support and services for our friends with disabilities. Volunteers help us save time and labor costs. And you’ll be gratified by all the relationships and meaningful connections you’ll make through volunteering.

Volunteers Matter at Bridge

Less than 10%

of our budget goes to administration

4 people

can be helped by one piece of medical equipment


volunteers support our work