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Some adults with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities need assistance with their personal housing, finances and medical care. Our guardianship ministry offers supportive services for families and individuals in this situation.

We make a life-long commitment to our clients to be advocates and partners in supported decision making. Our goal is to preserve their preferences and dignity as unique individuals.

Free Care Consultations

What Bridge services fit your needs?

Overseeing decisions and quality care for a person with intellectual or developmental disabilities can be complicated and stressful. We offer a no-cost, one-hour consultation with Guardianship Supervisor Patty Croteau to discuss your needs and answer questions regarding Guardianship services with Bridge.

Care Consultation Request

Bridge Guardianship Services:

  • Guardianship
  • Case management
  • Standby Guardianship

Contact our Guardianship Supervisor:

Patty Croteau

Do you need an attorney?

We do not give legal advice but can refer you to several knowledgeable local attorneys.

Do you need Representative Payee services?

We provide “Rep Payee” services in conjunction with Case Management or Guardianship only.

Case Management

Advocacy and assessments for adults with disabilities

We provide Case Management contract services for help with DSHS-DDA (Developmental Disabilities Administration) assessments and care conferences, health issue advocacy, housing selection/relocation, and social and faith connections. These services are tailored to your needs and determined in a mutually-created contract with Bridge Ministries.

Standby Guardianship

Who will be there for my loved one when I’m gone?

This is the question we hear from many family Guardians. As Standby Guardians, we do more than just sign a legal document and keep it on file. We strive to know the person served and keep up with the developments in their lives. We offer peace of mind to families by doing the following:

  • Make annual in-person visits with the person to be served, when the family chooses
  • Review the family Guardian’s Reports to the court, and
  • Review the annual ISP (Individual Service Plan) or Assessments of the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) and the Original Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) Assessment.
  • Read and retain all other documents the family feels will help the person to be served in time of need.

Staff Experience & Credentials

Our Guardianship staff has combined experience of over 50 years serving people with disabilities. This lifelong calling is motivated by faith-based values affirming the dignity and worth of every person. Our Guardianship Supervisor Patty Croteau is the proud mother of a young man with developmental disabilities.

Our staff and agency is certified by the Washington State Certified Professional Guardianship Board. All Guardianships are overseen by County Superior Courts.

Learn more about our caring, qualified guardians on our Staff page.

Rates for Guardianship Services

Task Cost
Consultation (by Guardianship Supervisor) $110/hour
Guardianship Services $75­-$110/hour
Account Administrative Services $50/hour
Case Management Services* $85/hour

* Rate for case management contract clients and monitoring visits for guardianship clients performed under direction and/or supervision of Certified Professional Guardian.


What is Guardianship?

Guardians are appointed and managed by a court to oversee the affairs of someone with an intellectual or developmental disability. Learn more at

Guardianship at Bridge



of family caregivers in the U.S. are age 60 or older


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