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Our Spiritual Connections team works together with church partners to build communities of belonging and inclusivity for people living with disabilities.

Five Ways to Find Community

Sunday Evening Celebrations

Jesus created and fostered diverse communities everywhere he went. We want to follow in his footsteps. Sunday evening Celebrations are monthly gatherings focused on food, worship, fun, and the gospel.

Roots and Wings Bible Study

The gospel makes us family despite our many differences. Families eat together, pray together, and encourage one another often. Join us every month at Roots & Wings for a time of food and fellowship.

Justice Café

We are proud supporters of the Justice Café – a place for people of all abilities to gather together for a time of discussion. We talk about relevant global events, and we discuss practical action plans that we can implement in our lives. Come grab coffee or hot coco with us this month. For more information, visit: http://www.ipjc.org/programs/justice_caf%C3%A9.htm

Bridge Calendar

The Spiritual Connections Calendar is the perfect place to find local events and activities that we love and support. Check it out today to see all the fun opportunities being offered in our region!

Beacon Church Partnership Program

The Beacon Church Partnership Program (BCPP) is an opportunity for local churches to partner with Bridge Disability Ministries. Many of our friends living with disabilities live in isolation. They often lack community, meaningful relationships, and invitation into communal worship. Bridge believes that together with the local Church, we can alleviate isolation by inviting these people not just into our church buildings, but into the everyday life of God’s family. We want to work alongside churches in our area so that people with disabilities see them as beacons of hope, not as communities that are exclusive or out of reach.

Have some more questions? Talk to our Spiritual Connections Coordinator.

Mason Florence